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Local News>>Two Terrorist Attacks Target Damascus, Cause Martyrdom and Injury among Civilians and Law Enforcement Personnel

Two Terrorist Attacks Target Damascus, Cause Martyrdom and Injury among Civilians and Law Enforcement Personnel

Mar 17, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ Two terrorist attacks targeted Damascus Saturday morning claiming the lives of 24 people, along with the remains of three other martyrs, while 140 others were injured, including civilian citizens and law enforcement personnel.

The two terrorist attacks, carried out by two booby-trapped cars, targeted two crowded places in the capital: the Customs Square, and the zone linking Baghdad Street to al-Qasaa' Quarter.

A statement of the Interior Ministry said that Damascus was hit on Saturday with two booby-trapped car terrorist attacks carried out by two suicide bombers, which caused the martyrdom of 24 people, while the remains of three other martyrs were found and 140 others were injured, including civilian citizens and law enforcement personnel.

The statement explained that the first explosion took place at 07: 20 am at al-Jamarek (customs) roundabout, and a few minutes later the second explosion occurred in al-Tahrir square that links Baghdad Street with al-Qassaa region.

"The two terrorist explosions caused great damage to the adjacent residential buildings and the cars parked nearby," the statement added, indicating to grave material damages and losses.

The Interior Ministry said that the competent authorities at the Ministry collected evidence, samples, remains and remnants of explosive materials, which were sent to specialized labs to get to identifying the crime's perpetrators and the type of material used in the bombings.


The Ministry's statement said these two terrorist bombings are part and parcel of targeting the Syrian people in its security and stability and come in light of the recently witnessed escalation by regional and international parties, which was lately manifested in public calls for sending arms to Syria.

"On the other hand," the statement added, "the Interior Ministry will not be tolerant while dealing firmly with all those who attempt to strike Syria's security, stability and unity and terrorize its citizens."

The Ministry called in its statement on the international community and the international organizations to shoulder their responsibilities and stand by the Syrian people and to work for stopping the attempts at disrupting Syria's stability and security.

The Ministry also called upon the citizens to continue to cooperate with the authorities to inform any suspicious case or any information about the terrorists' activities and movement so as to contribute to ending terrorism and preserving the Syrian citizens' lives.


Damascus was targeted on 23/12/ 2011 by two terrorist explosions carried out by two suicide bombers driving two booby-trapped cars.The explosions targeted a state security headquarters and a security branch, claiming the lives of 44 martyrs and the injury of 166 of security personnel and civilians in addition to huge material damages in the surrounding buildings.

On January 6th, 2012, the terrorist explosion which was carried out by a suicide bomber at a crowded area near Hasan al-Hakim School at al-Midan Neighborhood in Damascus, claimed the lives of 26 and the injured 63 others of the civilians and the law-enforcement personnel.

Aleppo was also targeted on February10th by two terrorist explosions against a military security branch and the headquarters of the law-enforcement forces at al-Arqoub area.The explosions claimed the lives of 28 martyrs and the injury of 235 of the law-enforcement members and civilians.




















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