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Local News>>AL Observers Continue Tours of Syrian Governorates...New Batch of Prisoners Set Free

AL Observers Continue Tours of Syrian Governorates...New Batch of Prisoners Set Free

Jan 20, 2012

GOVERNORATES, (SANA)_The AL observers continued tours in a number of Syrian provinces, listening to accounts by citizens at Damascus governorate building and meeting Damascus Volunteer Youth team and chairman and members of the executive office in Damascus.

The observers also visited al-Markab city in Banias and toured the streets and markets of the corniche, Safita and St. Mickhael Church and the Faculties of Arts and Economy.

In Lattakia, the observers visited al-Sleibeh neighborhood and Rotana Hotel and met citizens. Another observer team visited Aleppo and met university students before heading to the governorate building where they listened to accounts by citizens and students.

In Sweida, the AL observers met the religious leaders of the Unitarian Druze community in Syria and Metropolitan Saba Esper of Hawran and Jabal al-Arab and Quneitra for Roman Orthodox and Sheikh Mohammad al-Nemer, Imam of Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque in Sweida.

New Batch of Prisoners Set Free in the Presence of Arab Observers

A new batch of prisoners, involved in the events since March 15, 2011 who were included in the general amnesty decree No. 10/2012 issued by President Bashar al-Assad were released on Thursday in the presence of members of the Arab League monitors.


A number of the released at the Justice Palace in Damascus told SANA that the pardon decree forms a new start for them to practice their normal life and contribute to building the society.

''The pardon spreads amity and tolerance among people, and I am happy because it allowed me to get my life back on track as Syria needs the efforts of all its people to get out of the crisis,'' said Abdul-Hamid, a released prisoner.

Arab League: al-Dabi to Submit Report on Syria Events Sunday

The Arab League declared that Head of the AL observer mission in Syria Lt. Gen. Mohammad al-Dabi is due to submit his report on the development of events in Syria to the Arab Ministerial Committee meeting and the Arab League Council scheduled for next Sunday.

In a press statement distributed by the Arab League, al-Dabi said ''This is the second periodical report which comes 32 days after the start of the AL observer mission in the Syrian governorates.''

He added that the observer teams conducted their mission with the highest degree of honesty and objectivity, indicating that the teams will carry on work as usual.

Al-Dabi said the report includes the outcome of the mission's work according to the protocol signed between the Arab League and the Syrian government.

The Arab Ministerial Committee meeting on the crisis in Syria was postponed one day so as to be held Sunday prior to the ministerial meeting.

M. Ismael  

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