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Local News>>Mosque Imams: Islam Has Nothing to Do with Terrorist Attacks

Mosque Imams: Islam Has Nothing to Do with Terrorist Attacks

Dec 23, 2011

PROVINCES, (SANA)- Imams and preachers of mosques delivering Friday Prayer sermon strongly condemned the two terrorist attacks which targeted State Security Directorate and another Security Branch in Damascus, causing many military and civilian deaths and wounding several others.

The Imams stressed in a statement that Islam has nothing to do with any terrorist attack that targets the security of the homeland and citizens and the unity and stability of the country.

"Our responsibility towards the conspiracy targeting our homeland and causing killing, destruction and sabotage is to adhere to national unity in preservation of our homeland and prevention of bloodshed," said the preachers in the statement.

They affirmed it is the role of every citizen to confront the conspiracy through "calling for reconciliation, uniting the ranks and being cautious of the subversive calls" for not going to work and dropping schools, aimed at disrupting life in the country.

They prayed to God to protect Syria from the conspiracy targeting its security and stability.

Syrian Scholars Argue UN, all Institutions to Shoulder Responsibility Towards Syria and Be Credible in Dealing with Events

The Syrian scholars have condemned the twin terrorist explosions hit Damascus, which claimed dozens of lives and wounded dozen others. 

In a statement released Friday, the scholars said that the acts of murder and sabotage being witnessed by Syria are the incarnation of the great conspiracy facing this country.

The statement called upon the Syrian people to be fully aware of what is happening around them for targeting Syria with all its components and putting it within the circle of destruction and sabotage to enable the enemies to affect its stability and security.

The scholars underlined the necessity of standing in one rank for facing the plot, continuing the moderate approach that characterizes Bilad al-Sham and rejection of all forms of extremism and terrorism coming to Syria from the outside.

The scholars of Syria called on the Arab League, the United Nations and all the institutions to shoulder their responsibility vis-à-vis Syria and be credible and objective in their dealing with the events in the country.

Minister of Awqaf: Syrian Scholars Consider the Condemned Terrorist Attacks as Real Translation of the Dangerous Plot Facing Syria

In the same context, Minister of Awqaf, Mohammad Abdul Sattar al-Sayyed said the imams and preachers of Syria's Mosques condemn the criminal terrorist explosions that had struck Damascus today, and all acts of murder and sabotage .

In an interview with Syrian television, Minister al-Sayyed wondered where are "the heroes of Fatwas, crime and terrorism?" ... Al-Qaradawi, where is he? ... Where are the scholars living outside and inciting the bloodshed in Syria? "

He said that many orphans of "al-Aman (the safety) Orphanage" were injured by the explosions today.

Syriac Orthodox and Greek Catholic Patriarchates Denounce Terrorist Attacks

Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Mar Ignatius I Iwas denounced the terrorist attacks that targeted Damascus on Friday, praying for the peace of souls of Syria's martyrs.

In a statement, Patriarch Iwas said that this criminal act is distant from the Syrians' spirit of tolerance and fraternity, and that it only serves the country's enemies, calling for resorting to wisdom and dialogue.

He concluded by praying for Christmas to be a time of blessing  for everyone and for peace and security to prevail across the world.

In a similar statement, the Greek Catholic Patriarchate in Damascus condemned the terrorist attacks, calling them "evil acts… whose perpetrators lost all humane sense and all patriotic sentiment and religious affiliation."

The statement stressed that such acts further complicate the crisis in Syria and makes it more tragic, calling on all citizen to show more awareness, solidarity and amity, warning that those who have ill intentions for Syria are seeking to fragment it.

The Patriarchate called for prayer to God to grant peace and calm emotions and thoughts, stressing that Syria is worth sacrificing everything for the sake of its untiy, stability prosperity and independence.

H. Said /Ghossoun / H. Sabbagh

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