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Local News>>Russian Delegation: Syria Experiencing Massive Conspiracy Targeting All Arabs

Russian Delegation: Syria Experiencing Massive Conspiracy Targeting All Arabs

Aug 20, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Members of a Russian delegation including 23 scientists, social researchers, intellectual and academic figures and politicians visiting Syria affirmed on Saturday that Syria is experiencing a massive conspiracy concocted by the world's imperialistic and Zionist forces.

Members of the delegation expressed pride in friendship with Syria, saying that events taking place in Syria concern them and that they are prepared to offer a lot to support the Syrian people at this historic moment.

Deputy Chairman of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Central Committee Andrei Filipov pointed out that they came to Syria to see what is happening and evaluate the situation, saying that they believe that the solution is in the hands of the Syrians under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad who together can stand in the face of the conspiracy.

Filipov said that they will report the facts they witnessed during their visit to the Russian people through Russian mass media

In turn, Chairman of the Russian Society of Friendship and Business Cooperation with the Arab Countries, Vyacheslav Matuzov, noted that Russia's stance is different from that of the U.S. not just regarding Syria, but regarding the entire Arab world as its viewpoint is geopolitical.

Matuzov said that they have precise and reliable information from western sources that prove that the west and the U.S. – particularly the Neoconservatives and the Jewish lobby – are behind the sabotage plans taking place in the Arab world, and that these plans have existed for years and that it targets all Arabs, not just Syria, adding that Syria is the first line of defense against the dangerous plots against the Arab and Islamic world.

In turn, reporter from the Russian newspaper Ylena Pekiva pointed out that western journalists aren't reporting the truth as it is; instead, they are waging a very dangerous media war against Arab countries and the Middle East.

"Western media is distorting facts in cooperation with some Arab satellite channels… we've been watching how the events are unfolding in Syria for months and how these Arab channels are covering, particularly al-Jazeera which became the right hand of these western journalists and the western voice against the area," she pointed  out.

In turn, Professor at the Institute of Oriental Studies and Political Sciences Academy Boris Dolpov pointed out that he visited Syria before and knows its people and the economic achievements that were achieved recently.

Dolpov said that attempts at foreign interference in Syria's affairs aim at changing Syria's political decisions, primarily its foreign policy which Israel and the western countries don't like.

For his part, Oleg Kripkov from Voice of Russia radio said that his duty as a professional journalist is to relay what he sees and hears, and that he wishes to see the Syrian people emerging from this crisis which is nearing it end.

In a similar statement, Deputy Chief of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with Syria and Libya Oleg Fomin said that the visit shows solidarity with Syria and the rejection of any foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs, stressing that Syrian-Russian relations date back to hundreds of years.

Fomin said that Syria is a model of national unity, and that Syria's enemies wish to destroy that for their own personal ends, saying "Syria's enemies are the enemies of honest people in Russia and the world."

In turn, Former MP and Head of the center for strategic studies Shamil Sultanov underlined Syria's pivotal role in the region and the world, stressing that what is happening in Syria will impact the rest of the world, stressing that Syria is the target of a conspiracy because it's the first defender against those who conspire against the region.

For his part, editor in chief of Zavtra newspaper Alexander Prokhanov said that Syria is facing a "universal media conspiracy" that involved funding sabotage and purchasing firearms to change Syria's plans to suit the west's plans and interests.

Prokhanov noted that the reforms undertaken by President al-Assad will have a positive impact on the life of the Syrian people and the future of Syria which is why these reforms must be supported, adding that by defending Syria, Russia is defending the historic relations between the two countries.

Russian Delegation Visits Martyr Cemetery in Lattakia

A Russian delegation including political, social, drama and media figures on Saturday visited the martyrs' cemetery in Besnada town, Lattakia province.

The delegation's members laid wreaths of flowers on the tombs of the martyrs who were killed by armed terrorist gangs.

The delegation was briefed on the way the martyrs were killed and the mutilation they suffered at the hands of the terrorists.

Members of the delegation expressed their deep shock at the way those martyrs were killed.

Veleri Ostrovsky, professor of international relations at Petersburg University, described the brutal acts the martyrs had undergone as barbarous and inhumane, considering the martyrs as "heroes" as they sacrificed their lives for the sake of their homeland and its stability and security.

H. Sabbagh/M. Nassr/H. Said

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