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Syria News>>President al-Assad Receives Letter from Nicaragua President on Developing Bilateral Relations

President al-Assad Receives Letter from Nicaragua President on Developing Bilateral Relations

Oct 14, 2010

Damascus, (SANA) - President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday received a letter from President Jose Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua on the relations between the two friendly countries and means of developing them.

 The letter was handed by Nicaragua's Minister of Foreign Affairs Samuel Santos Lopez during his meeting with President al-Assad.

 The letter also included an invitation to President al-Assad to visit Nicaragua, promising to pay the visit as soon as possible.

 The meeting dealt with the latest developments in the Middle East and Central and Latin Americas . President al-Assad expressed Syria's great appreciation of Nicaragua's stance towards the Arab issues, underlining the importance of continuing coordination between counties of the region, particularly in the international forums in a way that serves their peoples.

 President al-Assad and Lopez reviewed the positive transitions taking place in Central and Latin Americas and the importance of developing the Arab-Latin America relations and working on forming a cooperation network which adopts one approach to further develop the two regions and confront the attempts of big powers to dominate the resources of these countries.

 The meeting also tackled the peace process in the Middle East and the serious policies Israel adopts to undermine all hopes of achieving peace.

 Minister Lopez lauded the Syrian constructive role in the region under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, expressing his country's support to Syria's constant efforts to achieve the just and comprehensive peace and the restoration of rights.

 The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad and the Head of America Department at the Foreign Ministry.

 In the same context, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem met with Lopez in presence of Mikdad and chairman of America Department at the Foreign Ministry.

 Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Dr. Adel Safar also met with Minister Lopez, as both sides discussed the importance of identifying work mechanisms and executive plans to boost relations, exchange expertise and broaden means of agricultural goods exchange between the two countries.

 In late June and early July 2010, President al-Assad visited Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and Argentina in the framework of upgrading relations with Latin America where he held talks with these countries' leaders on opening new prospects for cooperation, consolidating trade exchange and encouraging investment and mutual visits.

 Last January President Ortega received a letter from President al-Assad on means of upgrading bilateral relations in different spheres in addition to an invitation to Nicaragua's President to visit Syria. The letter was handed by Information Minister Dr. Mohsen Bilal.

R.Milhem/Ghossoun/al-Ibrahim Zahra

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