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Syria and Iran to enhance cooperate in electric energy

Mar 06, 2008

DAMASCUS, (SANA) _ Minister of Electricity Ahmad Khaled al-Ali reviewed on Thursday with Iranian Minister of Energy Fattah Pervez and his accompanying delegation ways to strengthen the existing cooperation between the two ministries, particularly in the field of electric power.

The two sides reviewed the memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation in the field of electrical energy between the two ministries, which was inked during the 10th session of the Syrian-Iranian Joint Committee meetings.

The memo included many important points regarding subject of linking the Syrian-Iranian electricity networks and taking the necessary measures to accelerate and complete this project as quickly as possible.

The memo provided for following up the cooperation relations between the two countries in the area of training and exchange of information and engineering experiences.

The two sides emphasized on pursuing the understanding memoranda in the fields of preparing the economic feasibility regarding setting up a joint factory to produce cement columns and the establishment of a joint factory for the production of switches.

The Syrian and Iranian sides expressed hope in the implementation of and accelerating the joint cooperation between the two sides to raise the level of cooperation in electricity domain to serve interests of the two friendly countries and development of the deep-rooted relations and ties.

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