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Syria condemns illegitimate excavation works by US, French and Turkish troops in areas under their occupation

Damascus, SANA- Syria condemned the illegal excavation works targeting its antiquities by US, French, and Turkish forces and their backers in the areas under their occupation. An official source at …

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Antiquities Department condemns destruction of Deir Sunbul archeological site of Idleb by terrorists

Damascus, SANA- General Directorate for Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) condemned the destruction of Deir Sunbul site in the province of Idleb by the terrorist organizations. Deir Sunbul is an archeological …

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Czech Deputy Foreign Minister: Protecting Syrian cultural heritage is important for all humanity

Prague, SANA – Czech Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivo Sramek affirmed that protecting the Syrian cultural heritage is important for all humanity, noting that bilateral cooperation between the Czech …

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Syria urges international community to work to stop looting Syrian cultural heritage

Paris, SANA-Director General of Antiquities and Museums Dr. Maamoun Abdul Karim called on the international community to help in the efforts to stop looting the Syrian cultural heritage by terrorist …

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