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FM: Statement issued by US, France, Britain on Syria is historical document of lie, hypocrisy

Damascus, SANA_ Syria has confirmed that the  statement issued by the United States, France and Britain on Syria is a historical document of lie, hypocrisy, deception and falsification. That came …

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Disastrous situation of al-Rukban Camp and Washington humanitarian hypocrisy

Damascus, SANA_ The United States continues to adopt hypocrisy and misleading methods in its international policies, especially in the humanitarian issue. It has appointed itself a policeman for the world …

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Foreign Ministry: Evacuation of thousands of civilians from Ghouta unveiled the false propaganda of states that shed crocodile tears for them  

Damascus, SANA –Thousands of civilians left Eastern Ghouta despite all the desperate attempts made by the terrorists to prevent them from leaving, and this mass evacuation confirms that all the …

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Mikdad: polices of some EU officials based on lie, hypocrisy

Beirut, SANA-Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said policies of western officials, particularly the French and Britons, are based on lie, hypocrisy and double standards. “A lot of those …

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