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2,640 persons from Damascus Countryside have their legal status settled after turning themselves in

Damascus Countryside, SANA – In the framework of local reconciliations, 2,640 persons from the areas of Maddaya, al-Abadan, and Boukein in Damascus Countryside have had their legal status settled after they turned themselves in to the authorities. SANA’s reporter said that the process of restoring stability to the towns of al-Zabadani, ... Read More »

Khamis calls on Hama city council to undertake initiatives and active steps to address issues that benefit citizens

Hama, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis, accompanied by a ministerial delegation, met on Monday the new Hama city council, along with heads of city and town councils and municipalities and People’s Assembly members from the province. During the meeting, Premier Khamis called for relying on available resources to achieve economic and social de... Read More »

Art Exhibition opened at Abu Rummaneh Cultural Center

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian civilization with its prominent figures, archaeological ruins and natural views was the main theme of the art exhibition opened at Abu Rummaneh Cultural Center on Sunday evening. Seven artists from different Syrian areas presented their artworks which varied between oil paintings, charcoal drawing, burning wood and minia... Read More »

A person killed, three others injured in ISIS rocket attack on Salamiyeh city

Hama, SANA- A person was killed and three others were injured in a terrorist attack with rocket shells on Salamiyeh city, about 30 km east of Hama. SANA reporter said Sunday that the ISIS terrorists positioned in the eastern countryside of Salamiyeh fired two rocket shells on the city, killing a civilian, injuring three others and causing huge mate... Read More »

Homs Governor: Homs city fully secure after exit of last batch of militants from al-Waer neighborhood

Homs, SANA – Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi affirmed that al-Waer neighborhood is now fully secure after completing the reconciliation agreement reached in March to clear it of armed manifestations and to restore state institutes to it, thereby making the entire city of Homs fully clear of weapons and militants. Al-Barazi told SANA’s correspon... Read More »

Mikdad: Syria’s enemies have blatantly violated international humanitarian law

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad affirmed that Syria’s enemies have blatantly violated international humanitarian law through killing women and children, destroying infrastructure, and committing crimes, yet no one has condemned these crimes. This came during a speech by Mikdad at a workshop held at Shera... Read More »