President al-Assad: Situation in Syria is moving in the direction that Syria and Russia want

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad said on Wednesday the situation in Syria is moving in the direction that both Syria and Russia want.

His remarks came during a meeting with a delegation of the Russian State Duma, headed by member of Russian Federation Council Dmitry Sablin, who is the coordinator of relations between the Duma and the People’s Assembly.

The President affirmed that the Syrian people are determined to defending their country and going ahead with the national reconciliation process as it is the most effective way to move towards ending the war and achieving peaceful solution.

He hailed Russia’s position and the sacrifices it has made in the course of the war against the terrorist organizations in Syria, highlighting the importance of the role Russia plays in Syria and In the international arena in the face of the Western projects that are aimed at imposing hegemony on the countries that adhere to their independence and sovereignty and the interests of their people.

The talks discussed the latest developments in Syria and the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and the importance of boosting them, especially with regard to the war against terrorism and the reconstruction process in Syria.

Members of the Russian delegation stressed that the people of Russia stand by the Syrian people in their war against terrorism and support President Vladimir Putin’s decisions in this regard as they believe that the result of this war will affect not only the future of Syria but also Russia and the entire world.

They also stressed that Russia is keen on providing humanitarian support to the Syrian people to alleviate their suffering caused by the terrorist war they are subjected to.

The Russian figures affirmed the need for concerted efforts to put an end to this suffering and restore peace and stability to Syria as soon as possible.

In a statement to SANA, head of the Russian delegation said the meeting with President al-Assad was “very good” where issues of communication on the political and economic levels were discussed.

Issues of cooperation in providing assistance to the Syrian people in the fields of education and health through exchange of expertise were also tackled during the meeting, according to Sablin.

Sablin said the security situation in Syria is good and reassuring and that there is a feeling that terrorism will be eliminated.

On Monday, President al-Assad received a Belgian parliamentary delegation and exchanged with them viewpoints on the latest developments in Syria and the latest international changes

The Belgian delegation stressed in the meeting that the Syrian Arab Army’s success in liberating Aleppo has contributed to a large extent in shifting the balance of power in the war against terrorism and in changing the attitude of so many officials in Western countries.

H. Said

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