Accredited National Trainer certificate granted to 180 trainers within administration development program

Damascus, SANA – Ministry of Administrative Development granted on Sunday the Accredited National Trainer certificate to 180 trainers, including 40 with a
PhD in various specializations, who have completed the national accredited trainer program.

Speaking during the ceremony, which was held at al-Assad National Library in Damascus, Administrative Development Minister Hassan al-Nouri said the
accredited national trainer program is a specialized program for trainers in the administrative field that provides them with the most important concepts,
techniques and tools that are necessary for them to improve their training efficiency.

The Minister added that the Ministry launched this program as a part of its responsibility to upgrade the level of human resources working in the field of
training as one of the tools of the administrative development process.

He pointed out that the program contributes to spotting talents and skilled cadres that will contribute to implementing the project of management development and rehabilitation of the national institutions, indicating that the Ministry will work to take
advantage of the expertise of 40 to 50 nationally accredited trainers whose majors and specializations are useful for the administrative development project.

In 2015, the Ministry of Administrative Development launched the national accreditation project, which focuses on developing and setting up scientific
and technical criteria for training centers, training materials and accredited trainers.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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