Syrian riders achieve good results at al-Shiraa International Horse Show

Abu Dhabi, SANA – With the participation of a number of Syrian riders, al-Shiraa International Horse Show concluded on Saturday in Abu Dhabi after three days of competitions.

On the first day of competitions, Syrian rider Ahmad Hamsho won the second place in the 135 cm height category, while rider Shadi Gharib came in the seventh place.

On the second day, rider Hisham Gharib was placed sixth in the 145 cm height, while rider Jawad Nizam was placed second in the 120 cm-height.

On the third day, rider Hisham al-Gharib was placed third in the 125 cm-height and rider Hadi Nizam came in the sixth place.

Al-Shiraa International Horse Show is considered a 4-star show jumping competition.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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