Konashenkov: Main condition for new humanitarian pause in Aleppo is UN readiness to deliver aid to eastern neighborhoods

Moscow, SANA- Russian Ministry of Defense announced that “The main condition for introducing another humanitarian pause in Aleppo should be the readiness of the UN humanitarian mission in Syria to organize delivery of humanitarian aid to the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo and evacuate injured and sick people from that area.

“The experience of previous humanitarian pauses has showed that assurances of UN representatives about ‘preliminary’ agreements with gunmen in Aleppo are mere words,” the ministry’s official spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday.

Konashenkov reminded that “all attempts of any vehicles with humanitarian aid for Aleppo to even approach humanitarian corridors always end in shelling by gunmen and impossibility to go through because of mines in the roads and streets.”

He added the Russian Defense Ministry is ready to consider the possibility of new humanitarian pauses in Aleppo as soon as representatives of the UN humanitarian mission in Syria officially confirm their willingness to deliver humanitarian aid to the city and evacuate injured and sick civilians.


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