A number of gunmen, injured persons, elderly and patients get out of eastern neighborhoods in Aleppo

Damascus, SANA – A new batch of gunmen and a number of injured citizens, elderly and patients left the eastern neighborhoods in Aleppo via the humanitarian corridors set up by the Syria Arab Army in coordination with the Russian side for this purpose.

SANA reporter in Aleppo said a group of gunmen left without their arms and headed for the northern countryside of Aleppo city through the routes, while a number of elderly men, women and patients were also evacuated to the same place in order to be transported and treated in the hospitals in the western neighborhoods.

General Staff of the Russian army forces reiterated on Wednesday that the humanitarian truce announced in Aleppo on Thursday aims to evacuate the civilians and the injured as well as to get the gunmen out of the city.

It affirmed that 8 corridors will be opened to evacuate the civilians, among them two corridors for the exit of gunmen.



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