Foreign Ministry: The Syrian government is ready to ensure the safety of those who want to leave eastern Aleppo

Damascus. SANA- An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the government, due to its keenness on the lives of the citizens living in eastern Aleppo, expresses full readiness to ensure the safety of those who want to leave the area and provide them with the needs of the decent life.

In a statement to SANA on Monday, the source added that the Syrian government also guarantees the safety of gunmen who want to leave the area to settle their legal status or to head for other areas they select.

The government, according to the source, also guarantees the evacuation of the wounded and providing them with the necessary medical care for the return of the normal life to eastern Aleppo and the resumption of the work of the state service institutions to ensure needs of the citizens who want to stay in eastern Aleppo.

The source continued to say that Aleppo governorate allocated several safe corridors to ensure this process, affirming the Syrian government’s readiness to discuss any initiative to achieve this goal.

Reem / Ghossoun

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