Al-Hilal: Syrian-Russian relation deep, historic

Damascus, SANA – Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal stressed that the strategic Syrian-Russian alliance exceeds some parties’ expectations, noting that the historic relations between the two countries have grown so close throughout the years.

Meeting a Russian media delegation on Wednesday, al-Hilal highly appreciated Russia’s support to Syria in the face of the unjust war, at the same time, many Arab states have become real partners in the bloodshed in Syria.

He noted that media has played a pivotal role in the war on Syria where all modern technologies and methods have been used to distort and falsify facts in order to stir up public opinion, create chaos and spread sectarian strife, indicating that the Syrian media has succeeded to a great extent in exposing the false claims of provocative media outlets, taking into account the Syrian-Russian cooperation in this field.

Al-Hilal added that the war on Syria aims at targeting its national and pan-Arab stances, noting that the US claims to reach a solution in Syria are but lies and its latest aggression on a Syrian military post in Deir Ezzor provides clear evidence on that.

He noted that the security situation in Syria is significantly improving and there is no fear anymore thanks to its army, people and wise leadership.

In turn, the delegation members said that the visit came in solidarity with the Syrian people to confront the most dangerous war the world has ever known, and to express high appreciation to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army

They noted that the Russian people realize that news circulated in media is untrue, adding that life is normal and there is a state of security and stability in Damascus.


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