Terrorist bombing in Homs, mortar attack in Damascus Countryside claim nine lives

Homs/Damascus Countryside, SANA – Two civilians were killed and 26 were injured on Wednesday in Homs city when terrorists detonated a car bomb near Masaken al-Shurta roundabout at the entrance of Beit al-Tawil Street in Wadi al-Zahab neighborhood.

A source at Homs Police Command told SANA’s correspondent that the terrorist attack caused massive damage to a number of houses and shops in the bustling area which contains many shops.

A source at the Damascus Countryside police command told SANA’s correspondent that seven civilians, five of them children, were killed, and 60 others, most of them children as well, were injured by two mortar rounds fired by terrorists on al-Wafidin Camp.

The source said that the two mortar rounds fell at a playground square in the camp where many families were present with their children who were playing and trying to enjoy the third day of Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Six more mortar rounds fell between al-Iskan suburb, al-Iskan al-Askari, and the camp, injuring four people and damaging houses.

Three mortar rounds also fell in Block C6 in Harasta suburb, injuring one woman and causing material damage to houses and cars.

H. Sabbagh

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