Mufti Hassoun calls for fighting takfiri and divisional mentality

Damascus, SANA – Syria’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun called on all Syrians to return to their homeland, stressing that Syria welcomes all of its sons to come back and take part in the reconstruction of their country.

Hassoun was speaking during a dialogue session held at the Holy Cross Church in Damascus under the title “A Dialogue from Heart to Heart” organized by the Syrian National Forum on Saturday.

He underlined the Syrian people’s love for life and peace, hatred to war and destruction and commitment to their homeland, noting to the terrorist nature of war which Syria is facing and that terrorism should not be associated with Islam because terrorism has no religion.

The Grand Mufti called for combating takfiri mentality with the enlightenment mentality and enhancing dialogue among all Syrians to unite ranks in order to confront the conspiracy and the six-year war.

He indicated to the divisional mentality used by western powers to fragment countries into small states in order to dominate their resources and capabilities, adding that Syria is paying the price for its national and principled stances.

Hassoun noted that Syrians will always be adherent to their homeland, army and leadership, expressing hope that victory is imminent.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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