Civilian killed, others injured in terrorist attacks in many provinces

Damascus, SANA – Terrorists fired two mortar shells on al-Adawi and Mezzah 86 neighborhoods in Damascus, causing the injury of a citizen.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that a mortar shell fell on a house behind Dar al-Shefaa Hospital in al-Adawi area, injuring a citizen and causing material damage to a number of houses.

The source added that another shell hit a house near Hafez Ibrahim School in Mezzah 86 neighborhood, causing material damage without human casualties.

Civilian killed by terrorists gunfire in Majadel village, between Daraa and Sweida

A civilian was killed on Monday after terrorists tried to infiltrate Majadel village in Sweida Province.

A source at Sweida Police Command told SANA that a terrorist group tried to infiltrate the village, adding that a civilian was killed and two corpses for unknown persons were found near the village.

Terrorist attacks leave 12 citizens injured in Damascus Countryside

Terrorists fired mortar shells on Ghassoleh town in al-Ghozlaniyeh area in Damascus Countryside, injuring 6 citizens, 5 of them are children.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that a mortar shell fired by terrorists fell on the town, injuring 6 citizens, in addition to causing material damage in the site.

Terrorists opened fire on cars passing by Rahma gas station on the international highway near Douma, damaging a refrigerator truck which caused traffic congestion and the overturning of a bus, which led to injuring four people who were hospitalized.

Terrorists also opened fire on al-Baath Party member Haitham Abu Assaf and member of the fuel committee in Sarghaya Marwan Mazloum, injuring them. The two were hospitalized after the attack.

Civilian killed, several injured in terrorist attacks on Hasaka city

Terrorists fired three mortar rounds on the neighborhoods of Doulab al-Uwaisi, Aradi Habbo, and al-Mufti in Hasaka city, claiming the life of one woman and causing material damage.

Six more civilians were injured by terrorist mortar attacks on the neighborhoods of al-Kallaseh, al-Aziziye, and al-Salihiye.

B. Mousa/ Ghossoun / H. Sabbagh

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