Cereals Establishment has bought over 66,000 tons of wheat from farmers until now

Damascus, SANA – The General Establishment for Cereal Processing and Trade has received more than 66,000 tons of wheat from farmers, producers and suppliers in the provinces since the beginning of this year’s harvest season.

Chairing a meeting of the central committee for cereals marketing, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Jamal Shahin affirmed that the government will receive from farmers and peasants the whole wheat and barley production for this season.

In turn, Majed Sabri al-Hmeidan, Head of the General Establishment for Cereal Processing and Trade, said until yesterday the establishment had bought around 66,166 tons of wheat from the provinces.

Mossab al-Awad, Director of the Fodder Establishment pointed out that the total amount of barley brought from the northeastern Hasaka province until yesterday is 10,000 tons.

On May 17th, the Cabinet raised the purchase price of wheat from peasants to SYP 100 per kg and the purchase price of barley to SYP 75 per kg, compared to SYP 61 per 1 kg of wheat and SYP 48 per 1 kg of barely in 2015.

A sum of SYP 100 billion has been allocated for marketing this season’s cereal production.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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