Iran’s Supreme National Security Council secretary: Syria’s support to resistance undiminished by pressure

Tehran, SANA-Expanding terrorism and Western concerns over the risks that the return of terrorists to their home countries pose indicates a miscalculation on the part of those behind the spread of terrorism in Syria, Ali Shamkhani, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council secretary, said.

“Those who stoke the flames will dwell at the bottom of hell,” he added.

Shamkhani’s comments came during his meeting on Wednesday with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, who is on a visit to the Iranian capital Tehran.

Congratulating President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian people for “successful” presidential elections that handed president al-Assad an overwhelming electoral victory, Shamkhani saw that the Syrians’ massive participation in the vote has clearly established “the Syrian people’s objection to foreign meddling, terrorism and extremist orientations.”

“The wisdom shown by the Syrian leadership in granting a general pardon is praiseworthy,” the Iranian official said, hoping it will continue a string of successes in Syria on the military and political levels.



He applauded President al-Assad’s firm condemnation of the Israeli crimes in Gaza and the continued support to the resistance  of the “wronged” Palestinian people, saying it amounts to being “a pillar of the axis of resistance.”

Syria’s strategic position in backing resistance remaining the same has shown that the enemies’ pressure has left the will of the Syrian people and leadership intact, according to the Iranian official.

Takfiri terrorist movements have stopped short of declaring support for Muslims in Gaza which, Shamkhani said, has divulged their “un-Islamic” nature.

He vowed Iran will continue to support the Syrian people and government in fighting terrorism and rebuilding the country.


Al-Laham, for his part, referred to the achievements of the Syrian government in the security, military and political domains, affirming that Syria is headed for a conclusive  victory thanks to its wise leadership, strong army and the support of friends.


The Syrian government is determined to press ahead with fighting terrorists, restoring security and stability and rebuilding, al-Laham noted, emphasizing Syria’s position in supporting the axis of resistance in the region.

While stressing the need for invigorating diplomatic and political endeavors to expose Israeli atrocities in Gaza, al-Laham called for an “international will” to confront the “Israeli genocide” against the Palestinians.

Al-Laham saw that the events rocking the “countries of resistance” in the region, extending from Iran to Syria and Iraq, are the manifestations of “one scheme” hatched by colonial western countries “to break up, debilitate and sabotage the region’s societies” in service of Israel.

“Those who think that the West wishes our nations well are either delusional or politically unconscious,” he said.

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