Iran Khodro Industrial Group to manufacture new cars in Syria

Tehran, SANA – Deputy CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) Saeed Tafazoli announced on Tuesday that IKCO intends to manufacture its new products at the Siamco plant in Syria as soon as possible, including its car models Soren, Runna, and Dena.

In a statement, Tafazoli said that IKCO has recently delivered the first shipment of parts to Syria which was used to manufacture 100 Samand cars, and that the Group’s priorities are manufacturing new models in Syria and sending a second shipment of cars as soon as possible, adding that the second shipment will be used to manufacture 90 cars.

The Deputy CEO said that plans are to manufacture 1,000 cars from IKCO’s new range at the Siamco plant and sell them in the Syrian market, with preparations being made to manufacture 2,000 cars in Syria in 2017, noting that the Group’s strategy focuses on diversifying products.

Siamco, the biggest branch of ICKO outside Iran, used to produce Samand cars under the label Cham prior to 2011.

Hazem Sabbagh

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