Turkish parties and associations hold Erdogan’s regime responsible for al-Zara massacre

Ankara, SANA – Hundreds of Turkish people took to streets of Antakya and Samandag cities to denounce al-Zara massacre perpetrated by the Turkish regime-backed terrorists.

Participants in the two demonstrations, which came in response to a call from a number of leftist parties, organizations and associations, expressed solidarity with the Syrian people in their fight against terrorism, calling for raising the voice in denunciation of the terrorism targeting the Syrian people.

The demonstrators pointed that thousands of foreign terrorists streamed into Syria through Turkish borders, stressing that if Turkish regime of Justice and Development (AKP) governments hadn’t support the terrorist groups like ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, Syria wouldn’t has been destroyed.

They expressed readiness to move to Syria to stand by its people in their war against imperialist forces and their reactionary allies of the AKP government in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Barry/ Ghossoun

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