Army General Command refutes allegations on targeting a camp for displaced in Idleb countryside

Damascus, SANA –The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces dismissed as” untrue” the news broadcast by some media outlets that the Syrian Army targeted a camp for displaced people in Idleb countryside.

” News circulated by some media outlets, which are involved in the bloodshed of the Syrian people, that the Syrian Army’s air force targeted a camp for the displaced people in Idleb countryside are completely baseless.”the Army Command said in statement on Friday.

” We have certain information that some terrorist groups have recently started , upon directives of known foreign sides , to hit civilian targets deliberately to cause large causalities among civilians and accuse the Syrian Arab Army,” the statement added.

The statement pointed out that the hitting civilian targets by the terrorists aims at ” diverting attention from the crimes committed by the terrorist groups against the Syrian people and using them as a leverage in the political track in addition to covering the state of turmoil, despair and failure as a result for the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army in its war on terrorism.

Reem / Ghossoun

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