Information Minister: Syrians are defending entire world by confronting terrorism

Damascus, SANA – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi on Monday met a delegation from the European Solidarity Front for Syria, asserting to them that Syrians are defending the entire world by confronting terrorism, because terrorism is a threat that doesn’t acknowledge borders.

Al-Zoubi said that the US attempts at realizing its “creative chaos” project entails dismantling and dividing Syria, pointing out to the full complicity of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the war on Syria, with the two countries spending large amounts of money, sending lots of weapons, and gathering thousands of terrorists for it.

He said that delegations visiting Syria can provide support by relaying the truth of what is happening in Syria to their countries and people, stressing the importance of this role in light of the media misdirection and fabrication carried out by mass media outlets regarding the events in Syria.

Al-Zoubi also affirmed readiness to cooperate with any media delegation that wishes to visit Syria, noting that in 2015 alone more than 800 media teams entered Syria.

In a statement to SANA, head of the delegation Ruben Rosiers noted that the delegation contains figures from Belgium, Germany, and Poland, and that many people abroad wish to visit Syria to learn about what is actually happening in it.

He also stressed the need to send a message to the Belgian government about the presence of 600 Belgians among the terrorists in Syria.

Hazem Sabbagh

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