Ryabkov: Deployment of US troops violates Syria’s sovereignty

Moscow, SANA – Moscow said the deployment of US servicemen to Syria violates the country’s sovereignty as it is carried out without coordination with its government, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Friday.

On April 25 US President Barack Obama said that additional 250 military personnel will be sent to Syria under the pretext of helping local armed groups in fighting against ISIS terrorists.

“If we are talking from the position of the foreign ministry, we, of course, cannot not be concerned over the fact that US carries out such actions without coordination with the legitimate government of the Syrian Arab Republic,” said Ryabkov, adding that “this is a violation of sovereignty.”

“I stress that official Damascus already gave similar political assessment, and we fully agree with it,” Ryabkov noted.

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry condemned yesterday the entry of 150 US troops into Syrian territory in Rmeilan area as a “blatant act of aggression”, stressing that this move is illegitimate and totally rejected.

Ryabkov added that the “defense ministries of Russia and United States maintain contacts every day and discuss all issues.”

“This is done by professionals who understand the situation very well, its dynamics, existing threats and tasks that appropriate contingents may complete,” he concluded.

Reem/H. Said

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