Syrian-Algerian talks to enhance cooperation

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Humam al-Jazairi discussed with Algerian Minister in Charge of Magharibi and African Affairs Abdul Qader al-Masahel who began a visit to Syria on Sunday ways to enhance cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

Al-Jazairi said that Algeria is always the closest to Syria and the best one to understand what is going on given its historical experience in struggling for liberation and independence of national decision.

Minister al-Jazairi hailed the objective and wise positions of Algeria about the crisis in Syria and the entire Arab issues.

Minister al-Jazairi said that the visit of minister Masahel to Syria expresses clearly and explicitly Algeria’s support for Syria’s independent national decision and its efforts to combat terrorism and find ways for economic and social recovery.

For his part, minister Masahel said that Algeria supports the political solution and the local reconciliation in Syria, noting that Algeria is with Syria’s unity.

Masahel pointed out that his visit comes days after the Syrian people celebrated the anniversary of Independence Day which carries great symbolism for the Algerians who know the meaning of independence and freedom and suffered a lot from terrorism and remained steadfast in facing it.

Masahel expressed Algeria’s solidarity with Syria in facing terrorism, pointing to Algeria’s experience in the national reconciliation and dialogue among the people and supporting the political solution to crises.

Qabas/ Manal

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