Syrian students in Czech call for international action against Israeli aggression on Gaza

Prague, SANA – Syrian students in Czech condemned the massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza Strip, which have claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, most of them women and children.

In a statement to SANA, the students stressed that Israel’s latest atrocities uncover the real ugly face of the Zionist entity and the countries supporting it.

They considered the countries which are backing Zionist entity, including regional, Gulf and western countries as accomplice in this cowardly aggression.

The students expressed confidence that these barbaric acts will not discourage the Palestinian people from restoring their just and legitimate rights in establishing their own state and getting rid of the occupation.

They also called on the international community and Security Council to do their legal and role to investigate the crimes and violations of the Zionists, and issue a resolution that considers the Israeli aggression on Gaza as a threat for peace and security around the world.

B. Mousa/ H.Said


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