Sky News obtains ISIS documents identify 22,000 terrorists

London, SANA- Tens of thousands of documents, containing 22,000 names, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts of ISIS terrorists were handed over to Sky News.

Nationals from at least 51 countries, including the UK, had to give up their most personal information as they joined the terror organization, Sky News said.

The key breakthrough from the documents is the revealing of the identities of a number of previously unknown jihadis in the UK, across northern Europe, much of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the United States and Canada.

The files were passed to Sky News on a memory stick stolen from the head of ISIS’ internal security police, Sky news said.

ISIS terrorists are estimated at 31.000 in Syria and Iraq, while Western countries failed to take effective measures in facing terrorism or prevent their nationals from joining ISIS terrorist organization.

Barry/ Ghossoun

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