9th plane of UNHCR air bridge for aid arrives in Qamishli

Hasaka, SANA – A new plane carrying aid supplies offered by the UN Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) arrived in the airport of Qamishli city in the northeastern province of Hasaka.

This is the ninth airlift to make its way in the city within an air bridge set up by the UNHCR.

The aid on board the plane included thermal blankets, plastic sheets, mats, water bottles, kitchen tools and health baskets, according to Director of the UNHCR office in Qamishli, Maha Sudqi.

The supplies will be distributed to needy and displaced people who have been affected due to the terrorist war ravaging the country. The distribution will be carried out in cooperation with civil associations and the Red Crescent organization.

Two more planes are still to be sent within the air bridge. The total aid supplies amount to over 440 tons and are meant to help 50,000 people.

H. Said

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