Syria accepts cessation of fighting actions on the basis of excluding ISIS and al-Nusra

Damascus, SANA – An official source at the Expatriates and Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said that the Syrian Arab Republic accepts the cessation of fighting actions on the basis of continuing the military efforts for combating terrorism against “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS), Jabhat al-Nusra and other Al Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations according to the Russian-US agreement.

The source added that for ensuring the success of cessation of fighting actions on the scheduled day: Saturday 27/02/2016, the Syrian government affirms readiness to continue to coordinate with the Russian side for identifying the areas and the armed groups that are to be included in the cessation along the period it is in effect.

The source noted that the Syrian government stresses the importance of border curbing, halting support provided by some countries to the armed groups and preventing these organizations from boosting their capabilities or changing their positions as to avoid anything that may undermine this agreement.
It asserted that the Syrian government is adherent to the right of its armed forces to retaliate any violation committed by these groups against the Syrian citizens or its armed forces as well.

The source added that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic and through its acceptance the cessation of the fighting actions, stresses keenness on halting the bloodshed of the Syrians, restoring security and stability to the country in fulfillment of the Syrian people’s will of the territorial integrity of Syria, for which sacrifices of civilians and military personnel have been provided.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that he agreed with US counterpart Barack Obama on a joint statement in the framework of International Syria Support Group to stop the military operations in the country.

US Department of State announced a Russian-US agreement on a statement that includes “plans to stop the military operations in Syria which exclude the Islamic State (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations.”

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