DSE reaches record high in 19 months and closes at 123.29 points

Damascus, SANA- Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) index hit a record high in 19 months, closing on Thursday session at 1230.29 points with an increase of 4.88.

Osama Hasan, media and studies director at DSE said in a statement to SANA reporter that since the beginning of the year, the index compensated for all the decline that it suffered since 7/7/2014, especially with the increase in transactions and the high price of some leading shares after the publication of preliminary results of the work of their companies in 2015 which were positive, encouraging investors to buy these stocks.

Hasan added that the psychological factor for investors plays an important role in buying stocks especially as the crisis in Syria subsides.

DSE Thursday session closed with transactions of 66625 stocks in 49 deals with an overall value of around SYP 8.334 million, closing at 1325.41 points and marking an increase of 20.56 points.

The stocks of five companies witnessed an increase including the stocks of Baraka Bank which closed at SYP 168.12 marking an increase of 4.32 %, while the stocks of Syria International Islamic Bank closed at SYP 134.12 marking an increase of 1.78 %.

The stocks of Qatar National Bank closed at SYP 128.74, marking an increase of 0.44 %.

The stocks of Fransbank closed at SYP 101.08, marking an increase of 1.37%.

The stocks of al-Cham Bank closed at SYP 119.27 marking an increase of 0.87 %.

The stocks of Syria and the Gulf Bank closed at SYP 100.50, marking a decrease of 2%.

The stocks of al-Aqeelah Takaful Insurance Company closed at SYP 94.50, marking a decrease of 0.93%.

The stocks of al-Ahlieh transport company closed at the same price of the previous session.

Qabas Sarameejo/ Manal

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