Regional and international interference exacerbated the crisis in Syria- Tehran

Tehran, SANA, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi-Ansari reiterated on Monday that ending the crisis in Syria is represented by defeating terrorism and following up political solution through intra-Syrian dialogue.
Jaberi-Ansari said, during his weekly press conference, that regional and international interference exacerbated the crisis in Syria and led to its continuity till it formed a threat to security and stability of the region.
Some countries are trying to impose their policies on Syria and this does not help in solving the crisis, He added, pointing out that some countries tried to impose their conditions on the dialogue between the government and the opposition under the UN auspices.
Over the Palestinian cause, Jaberi-Ansari said that his country has always supported the Palestinian people since the Islamic revolution asserting that the Palestinian cause is “considered as a pivotal and basic one for the Islamic nation”.

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