Authorities seize equipment for using chemical weapons from terrorists’ field hospital

Lattakia, SANA – Following a special operation, authorities in Lattakia province seized equipment for using chemical weapons as well as medical supplies and equipment of Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari origins which had been in the possession of terrorist organizations in Lattakia’s northern countryside.

The field commander in charge of the operation told SANA’s correspondent that following careful observation and monitoring in the area of Zahiya mountain and the villages of Utaira and al-Kabir where clashes between the army and terrorist took place, the army saw that terrorists were transporting their injured members to al-Daghdaghan farm in Rabi’a area, so a special operations unit was deployed to carry out a special operation around 1,300 meters into territories where terrorists are active to reach the terrorists’ field hospital.

The commander said that the operation was carried out over the span of two days, beginning with clashes in point 642.2 which is known as Zahiya mountain to secure the area and draw terrorists away from the special operations unit, which managed to break into the farms using their vehicles and seized all the contents and equipment in the hospital.

Another field commander said that the field hospital’s contents implied that terrorists were planning to carry out attacks using chemical or biological weapons to frame the Syrian state of using these weapons.

Meanwhile, a doctor said that the seized equipment indicate that the field hospital was a central hospital for terrorists in the area where all sorts of medical procedures can be carried out, as it contained a full operating theatre complete with anesthesia and sterilization equipment, in addition to monitoring equipment, beds, and large amounts of medicine and painkillers, some of which is very modern and some used by the U.S. army such as drugs used to stop bleeding immediately, which can’t be imported easily, in addition to equipment for using chemical and biological weapons along with a lot of advances protective masks and filters.

The doctor added that most of the seized equipment and supplies are of Turkish, Saudi, Qatari, and U.S. origin.

Hazem Sabbagh

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