Russia has always been an ally not an occupier unlike the US, Shaaban affirms

Damascus, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that the solid Russian-Syrian relations have taken new a leap after joint work in the fight against terrorism.

“Russia’s role in the region throughout history has always been one on of an ally and not an occupier, unlike the American role in Iraq and the Gulf,” Shaaban said in an interview with the Syrian TV channel aired on Wednesday.

The Russian people, she added, were shocked and angry at the “stupid” Turkish conduct of downing the Russian warplane in Lattakia. “However we in Syria were not surprised at this conduct having experienced five years of continuous Turkish acts of aggression,” she added.

Shaaban pointed out that a new system led by Russia is emerging that is characterized by a strategy built on respecting the international legitimacy and conventions, referring to the Russian veto repeatedly used at the Security Council that has prevented a Libyan scenario in Syria.

She criticized the US-led coalition against terrorism as a clear indicator of the western hypocrisy, dismissing any comparison between Russia and the West as the former is acting upon the request of and coordinating with the Syrian legitimate government whereas the West’s practices are based on double standards.

The Presidential Advisor assured that there is no need to fear for Syria from the West’s plots, including talk about “ground invasion”, stressing that this is part of Syria’s enemies’ psychological war against the Syrian people.

“As long as it is still steadfast and its army and allies are present, there is no fear for Syria,” Shaaban reiterated.

She made it clear that the Syrian government is willing to interact with political dialogue being the only solution in Syria and the one the Russian ally tries to persuade the west into which.

“Our one and only vision is the unity of Syria’s territory and future and that the decision is in the Syrians’ hands,” said Shaaban, adding that the problem is however with “the others who are not sincere about reaching a political solution.”

Shaaban found it strange that Ney York talks on Syria would be scheduled for the 18th of this month when there has not yet been a unified list of the terrorist organizations or a list of the “opposition” names in accordance with what was agreed on in Vienna.

The first and second rounds of Vienna talks could well be built on if there is a decisive will at on the West’s part to abandon supporting terrorism, she added.

Concerning the opposition meeting that the Saudi regime called for in Riyadh in coincidence with holding two other opposition meetings in Damascus and Hasaka, Shaaban said these three meetings don’t have a unified stance and have taken separate courses, while Vienna meeting called for a unified list of the opposition.


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