People’s Assembly approves Budget and Accounts Committee’s report on 2016 state budget bill

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly approved the report of the Budget and Accounts Committee on the bill for the state general budget for the fiscal year 2016 during it weekly session held on Wednesday.

The budget was set at SYP 1,980 billion, with an increase of 426 billion or 27.41% compared to the 2015 budget, which was 1,554 billion.

Funds allocated for social subsidy, which will go towards stabilizing prices in markets, are set at SYP 192.25 billion, and the total sum allocated for social subsidy which includes all ensuing financial obligations is estimated at SYP 973,250,000,000.

Funds allocated for salaries, wages, and compensations are set at SYP 372.07 billion, which is 56.02 billion more than the 2015 budget.

After approval, the report on the state budget bill will be discussed item by item for approval.

M. Nassr/H. Said

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