A symposium and a photo exhibition in Italy to unveil terrorists’ acts in Syria

Rome, SANA- The Syrian community in Italy in cooperation with Italian SOLID Organization  held Saturday a symposium dubbed “Syria, Terror or Freedom” and a photo exhibition, in  cooperation with the Syrian Tourism Ministry, to uncover the acts of destruction and  sabotage committed by the odious terrorism in Syria.

Thanking the Syrian Arab Army and leadership who are fighting terrorism on behalf of the  entire world, an Italian Journalist cited what President Bashar al-Assad said few years  ago that terrorism will spread to the whole world.

The journalist indicated that the west and the US are still supporting terrorism to  destroy a country, which is the cradle of civilization and humanity, like Syria.

He called for refuting the allegations of some mass media as untrue, hailing the coexistence among all spectrums of the Syrian people.

Members of the Syrian community warned of the risk of the Europe-US-Gulf backed
terrorism, which hit France, targeting Europe.

For his part, Head of SOLID organization reiterated the need of supporting the legally
elected Syrian leadership, the Syrian army and people who are fighting terrorism on
behalf of the whole world.


Head of SOLID pointed out that the members of the organization in cooperation with the
Syrian community will send a humanitarian aid shipment to support the Syrian people
against terrorism.

H. Zain/ Barry

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