President Putin: Military operations in Syria aim to restore peace to country

Sochi, SANA-Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed on Thursday that the military operations in Syria come to restore peace and direct pre-emptive strikes against foreign terrorists before they return to their homes.

“After accepting an official invitation from the Syrian government, we have taken a decision to launch a military operation in Syria… this operation is totally legitimate which aims to restore peace to this country,” President Putin said in a speech at Valdai International forum.

He was confident the practices of Russian soldiers will have positive impact on the situation in Syria and will help pave the way for a political settlement.

President Putin called for unifying the Syrian, Iraq armies and the Kurdish combatant factions and other moderate opposition parties to defeat terrorism in accordance with international law.

“It is obvious that the military triumph on terrorists will not solve all issues, but it will avail conditions to launch a political process with the participation of all Syrian, national political powers,” President Putin said, adding that the Syrians alone will determine their future, under international community’s support, away from any threats or dictates.

He affirmed that the overthrow of the Syrian state will lead to activating the terrorist act, so “our mission is to help boost the governmental institutions.

President Putin said that the Islamic State (ISIS) seizes vast areas and “If those terrorist organizations occupied Damascus or Baghdad, they would shift into real states that threat the whole world.”

Russia started on September 30th a series of air raids on sites of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in response to a request by the Syrian State.

Mazen Eyon

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