Chechen President asks to send troops to Syria

Grozny, SANA- Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov called on Russia to send military units, including Chechens soldiers to Syria to participate in fighting terrorists.

“In 1999, when our republic was seized by these devils, we gave our oath that all our lives we would fight against them, wherever they are. I am not just saying this, I’m asking that we are allowed to go there and take part in these special operations,” Sputnik News Agency quoted Kadyrov as saying to reporters on Friday.

He added that it was up to Russian President Vladimir Putin to decide, but added that Chechen soldiers were ready to join in the fight in Syria.

The Russian air force started a military campaign against terrorist organizations in Syria upon a request by the Syrian state after the Russian Federation Council ratified a bill allowing President Putin to deploy Russian air forces abroad.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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