Rouhani: Terrorism must be confronted in Syria before anything else

New York, SANA – President of Iran Hassan Rouhani said that terrorism must be confronted in Syria before anything else, and that this is the top priority for Iran.

Speaking on Sunday in a meeting with academic figures and journalists in New York, Rouhani said Iran believes that fighting terrorism must be the priority in Syria, and that Iran is prepared to cooperate with any state which believes that fighting terrorism is the way to reach a solution.

He noted that Russia’s intention to combat ISIS will help bolster the Syrian government, and that Iran believes that the crisis in Syria must be resolved by the Syrian government and army, adding that while reforms are necessary in Syria, counter-terrorism must come first.

The Iranian President said that some sides claiming to fight ISIS and terrorism don’t care for lives or for the people who die in Iraq and Syria, and he also said that the air strikes carried out by the United States against ISIS are merely for show, questioning how states violate Syria’s airspace to carry out bombardment and wondered if another country could carry out airstrikes in the United States under the pretext of the presence of terrorist groups there.

Hazem Sabbagh

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