Syrian House in the United States, an initiative linking expatriates with their homeland

Lattakia, SANA – Since the first days of the crisis in Syria, Syrians all over the world began to launch volunteer campaigns which aim to support Syrians in their motherland and to unveil the truth of what is happening in Syria and the crimes of armed terrorist organizations.

Syrian House 2

The Syrian House is a community organization which started its activities in California and then expanded to involve all U.S. states, with its members working to collect clothing, medicine, and medical equipment from Syrian expatriate community and sending them to Syria.

“Our main goal is to stand side by side with our country’s army, people, and leadership,” Lina al-Makdissi, a member in the organization, told SANA.

She pointed out that the organization had organized marches in different places in the U.S. states with the participation of a number of humanitarian and political organizations to protest against the support provided to armed terrorist organizations in Syria by the west, the U.S., and some countries in the Middle East, adding that such activities are priorities for the organization.

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For his part, Adnan Dagher, another member of the Syrian House, said that Syrians inside and outside Syria must support each others to achieve victory over terrorism, pointing out that the organization welcomes any Syrian who wants to be a part of the team whether they are in the United States or in any other country.

Dagher noted that the organization is doubling its efforts to overcome the obstacle of geographical distance which is the biggest difficulties that faces their work, along with the unjust economic sanctions imposed on Syria.

“We overcome all difficulties with our determination, and we’re contacting Syrian expatriates all over the world using all possible methods to take a part in our future events,” he added.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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