Larijani: Syria will be victorious over terrorism and emerge stronger than before


Tehran, SANA Chairman of the Iranian Shura Council Ali Larijani asserted that Iran will  continue to support Syria in the face of terrorism and will keep working to provide the Syrians’ needs, especially in the health sector.

Meeting Syrian Health Minister Nizar Yazigi on Wednesday, Larijani said that the Shura Council supports cooperation between the two countries’ health ministries in terms of  establishing pharmaceutical production facilities in Syria and providing expertise, as well as treating injured people and providing medical scholarships.


He said that Iran believes that supporting the Syrian people is its duty, lauding the Syrians’ steadfastness and bravery in the face of terrorism and asserting that Syria will be  victorious over it and will emerge stronger than it was before.

For his part, Yazigi reviewed the negative impact the terrorist war imposed on Syria, particularly its impact on the health sector, with terrorists targeting health centers, ambulances, and health worked.

He stressed that the Health Ministry is working hard to provide the citizens’ needs in terms of medical services and medicine.

Yazigi also met with Secretary General of the Iranian Red Crescent Ali Asghar Ahmadi and  discussed with him means to support the health sector in Syria and deliver aid to affected

Hazem Sabbagh

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