People’s Assembly discusses the performance of the Ministry of Industry

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly discussed during a session on Tuesday chaired by Speaker Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham the performance of the Ministry of Industry during the current situation and the measures adopted to improve the public industrial sector and support industrialists.

The Assembly members focused on the need for establishing industrial cities in safe areas, revising industrial policies to adapt to the new situation and changes, and rehabilitating the companies affected by terrorist attacks.

The Assembly members also pointed out the need to provide protection for al-Shekh Najjar industrial city in Aleppo province and providing support to industrialists.

In response to queries from Assembly members, Minister of Industry Kamal al-Deen Touma said that 26 companies that sustained damage due to terrorism were rehabilitated, and they are now operational, noting that other 27 companies are out of commission due to lack of security and raw materials, whereas 43 companies were damaged to the point where it’s not feasible to rebuild them as they need large investments that are currently beyond the Ministry’s capabilities.

About Sheikh Najjar industrial city, the Minister said that there is need to improve the security situation in Aleppo province and its surroundings, in addition to improving the conditions of roads leading to it and securing the electricity and fuel needed for factories.

He noted that the government has imposed a 3% fee on imports, and the revenues from that fee will go to securing and protecting industrial cities and areas in Syria, adding that more funds have been allocated for the rehabilitation of roads in Aleppo province.

The Assembly referred a number of bills to the appropriate committees for study, including a bill amending an item of the local administration law, a bill exempting citizens with overdue municipal and local fees, including building violations fines and rent and investment payments, among others, from fines if they pay the dues before the end of 2015, and a similar bill on exempting taxpayers from fines for overdue income tax, consumer spending fee, and real estate sales taxes if they pay the dues before the end of the year.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

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