Syrian Astronomical Association: Thursday June 18 first day of Ramadan

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian Astronomical Association said that according to astronomical calculations, the first day of Ramadan should be on Thursday June 18th.

Deputy Director of the Association Abdelaziz Snobar said that the birth of the new moon will be on Tuesday June 16th, and it will not be visible in the sky until Thursday when it will appear as a waning crescent, which should mark the beginning of Ramadan, as tradition has it that the sighting of the crescent marks the beginning of Ramadan.

Snobar noted that this applies to all Arab states, and so it’s expected that Ramadan and fasting will begin at the same time in all Arab countries this year, adding that the Association isn’t responsible for setting the dates of the lunar months of the Hijri calendar in Syria, as this is the responsibility of the First Sharia Judge in Damascus, and the Association only provides scientific and astronomical studies to help him make the decision.

The First Sharia Judge in Damascus on Sunday called citizens to watch the skies for the Ramadan crescent after sunset on Tuesday.

Hazem Sabbagh

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