PM during Farmers’ General Union Council session cites need for solid base to manufacture agricultural products

Damascus, SANA _ Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi cited the necessity of creating a solid base for manufacturing and exporting agricultural products and achieving self-sufficiency.
Dr. al-Halqi was speaking during the Farmers General Union Council session, the first in 2014, held at the Union’s building in Damascus.

The all-out economic warfare against Syria and the unfair sanctions are targeting the Syrian people in their livelihood, the Premier said, hailing the will and determination of farmers to rise up to challenges spawned by this situation against tough odds.
As he stressed the necessity of self-reliance and tapping into national resources and human cadres for bolstering national economy, al-Halqi called for vitalizing agricultural sector due to its importance for the state’s treasury.

Issues related to the situation of the agricultural sector and the obstacles facing farmers, as well as means of ironing out the difficulties hobbling their work figured prominently during the meeting.

M. Ismael



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