Mufti Hassoun calls for unifying efforts to confront international terrorism

Moscow, SANA-Grand Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun called for unifying efforts to confront international terrorism which poses a threat to all countries, saying that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization “is not newly-born organization, but its roots extend to the era of the Soviet presence in Afghanistan where the West recruited terrorists against the Soviet Union.”

“Enemies of Syria, particularly US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, try to do in Syria like what they have done in Yugoslavia when it was an advanced, strong country which has been divided into 5 poor countries,” Hassoun said at a press conference in Moscow, warning against western media which attempt to distort facts in Syria.

He added that the terrorists don’t stop at killing the civilians, women and children but they destroy the culture and civilized heritage to bring up a generation deprived of any civilized roots or history.

Later, meeting Head of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society Sergey Stepashin, Hassoun said that after nearly 5 years of the colonial war on Syria, it was obvious that Russia, with its leadership and people, has been the genuine friend and supporter of Syria.

Stepashin, for his part, affirmed that Russia stands by Syria, saying “the Russian side follows what is going on in Syria.”

He reiterated that the Russian people are determined to help Syria confront the international terrorism.

Mazen Eyon

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