Industry Ministry works on rehabilitating damaged facilities, setting up new strategy

Damascus, SANA, Industry Minister Kamal Eddin Tu’ma said that the Ministry is working on two tracks; the first one is to rehabilitate terrorism-affected facilities through securing financial sources and loans to some companies and establishments, while the other one aims at preparing long-term strategy that lasts for 25 years.

The Minister was answering questions addressed to the him by MPs at a People’s Assembly session held on Sunday.

He stressed that the strategy followed by the Ministry is based on achieving precise goals, in addition to putting emergency plans in case of failure to implement interim goals so as to later reach the final strategic goals and start new projects depending on local raw materials available.

The Minister said that the Ministry has recently established the Higher Industry Council which is to put forth new investment projects that will be implemented by the other Ministries concerned.

Tu’ma pointed out that the Ministry has recently reopreated cable, glass and cotton companies.

For their part, a number of MPs called for establishing new industrial facilities in the areas where raw materials are available and reconsidering wage policy and linking it to production.

B. Mousa/ H. Said

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