Sudanese president re-elected for a new term

Khartoum, SANA – Sudanese President Omar Hasan Al-Bashir was re-elected as president for a new term.

The Higher Commission for Elections in Sudan announced in a press conference on Monday that Al-Bashir received 5,252,478 votes, a total of 94% of the valid ballot papers, and as he got more than half the votes, there is no need for a second round with other candidates.

The Commission said that turnout for the elections was 46.4% out of the 13,126,989 registered voters.

15 other candidates participated in the elections, and two of them, Omar Awad al-Karim and Ahmad Radi, withdrew their candidacy due to what they described as transgressions in the electoral process which had started on April 16, although African and regional observers said there were no violations that could have altered the results of the elections.

Hazem Sabbagh

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