Syria demands immediate halt to support provided to terror organizations

Damascus, SANA-Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed two identical letters to the UN Secretary-General and Head of the UN Security Council commenting on a recent report by the UN chief on the humanitarian assistance for Syria.

In the letters, Syria reiterated that it will continue to cooperate with the UN organizations to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to all citizens affected by the current crisis wherever they are according to the UN principles and international legitimacy resolutions.

The letters said that the Syrian government provides the bulk of humanitarian assistance to its citizens despite the economic blockade by Western states and the illegal unilateral measures against the Syrian people.

The ministry blamed a prolonged crisis in Syria on the military and financial support provided by some states to terrorist organizations, demanding that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France and the US immediately cease their support for terrorist organizations.

The danger posed by terrorists will come back to haunt the same countries that have backed them, the letters warned.

The ministry recounted instances where thousands of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists coming from Turkey and Jordan overran Syrian cities, including Busra al-Sham city and Idleb province, committing unspeakable atrocities against the locals.

In its letters, the ministry lambasted attempts to legalize interference in the Syrian internal affairs by inventing such terms as “moderate opposition” to describe groups of killing and destruction which, the letters added, was made worse by some UN officials endorsing them in what it described as “a travesty of international law.”

The ministry ridiculed designating armed groups as “opposition”, noting that the opposition can only be peaceful and political that abides by laws and works to build, not destroy, the state.
The ministry considered attempts to legalize these terms a grave violation of international laws and accords, particularly the UN Charter.

Syria reiterates that the solution to the crisis is only political based on an inter-Syrian dialogue and led by Syria without foreign interference, the letters concluded, urging the international community to back the outcomes of the recent Moscow consultative meetings on the crisis in Syria.

Manal Ismael

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