Update1- Archbishop Capucci: Takfiri gangs kill Syrians, destroy their country

Florence, SANA- Archbishop of Jerusalem in Exile Hilarion Capucci rejected Western intervention in other countries internal affairs saying that Syria is suffering from a conspiracy for the last four years where Takfiri gangs are killing people and destroying the country.
Capucci prayed, during a seminar organized in the Italian city of Florence on the conclusion of the activities of the Syrian photo exhibition “Syrian Archaeological Treasures: A Heritage for Humanity”, for peace and stability in Syria.
The seminar was organized by the Syrian community in cooperation with the European Front for defending Syria and the Greek Melkite Catholic Church in Rome.
The exhibition is part of the Syrian Tourism Day organized by the Syrian Tourism Ministry, held in earlier in Rome, Catania, and Lecce.CABOUTCHI

In a relatively different voice from the stereotypical western official stance, Francesco Torselli, the Local Minister for the city of Florence, said after touring the Exhibition that he was completely misled regarding the reality of the situation in Syria.
For his part, Jamal Abu Abbas, head of the Syrian community in Italy said that the massacres being perpetrated by terrorist organization in Syria and did not draw Italian media attention is an indication of the continuous conspiracy of shedding the Syrian blood.
Rasha Milhem/ Barry

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